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1 Pixel = 50 Cent   This website started on 11.11.2005. Set a sign for Jesus!
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Pixel your page

On you can place a link to your website and get more clicks and visitors for it!
Please check the Top 10 link to see how we additionally promote the sites we send more traffic to!

You not only set a sing for Jesus in putting your link on - the return is used to build up websites that spread the Gospel. has two different zones:

The first rows on the grid belong to the pay zone. That way your pixels will be more visible!

Pay zone

  • Each box of 10x10 pixels ( 10x10 pixel ) costs only 50 EUR! (ca. 58 USD)
  • You can buy as many boxes as you wish!
  • The most clicked Webpages were listed in the top 10 ranking and will get more clicks additional that way!
  • Your pixels will be visible for at least 7 years.

Free zone

These pixels are located below the pay zone.

  • You are able to choose up to 4 boxes for free.
  • You are not able to change the image or the url.
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